Flat Bars Serrated

We have set up a New MSPD to ensure that material we supply is capable of meeting the ever more  demanding specifications.

The Material Sourcing and Processing Department will bring together all staff of Alliance Valves Group Ltd  as well as some exciting new employees that will share their expertise and knowledge of the metals industry.  It will ensure customer enquiries received that may require additional processing or testing prior to being  delivered are dealt with speedily and professionally.

The department’s main focus will be to take care of all your technical needs. From complying with strict testing  regimes and specifications to managing the independent 3rd party inspection processes. The department will  be there to ensure material conforms in its entirety to your requested specifications and requirements.

The new department will also look at grade conversions, for example; Taking ASTM A564 17/4PH Condition A  and converting it fully heat treated and tested to H1150. or even full manufacture if the material / grade you  need is not readily available in a time scale you have to operate. If it can be done, we will do our very best to  produce it for you.

They will also be able to offer material in the shape and form you require. Whether you want a hole down a  bar, squares cut from rounds, rings, plate or even hexagon bars that still meet your material mechanical  requirements, then we have the knowledge and expertise to provide what you want.

The process department builds on the Alliance Valves Group Ltd core benefits. One of our main beliefs is that partnerships are stronger than working alone, and long term partnerships are the strongest of all.  You supply the need, we supply the knowledge.

The Main Grades we can provide:

API 6A A718  ASTM B637 A718  AMS 5662 A718 AMS 5663 A718  ASTM B446 / B564 Grade 1 and 2  ASTM A564 17/4PH (Any condition available) ASTM A453 (660 any condition available)  ASTM A182 F55/F51/F54/F53 Duplex and super Duplex ASTM A182 316/316L and 304 Stainless Steels ASTM B865 K500 any condition (QQN-286 / NA18) ASTM B127 A400 ASTM B574 C276  ASTM B348 Titanium Grade 2 and 5  Etc.