• Available to fit a range of tube diameters.
  • Multiple bolt/nut configurations.
  • Finishes available: Hot Dip Galvanization.
  • The forged fixed coupler is used to fix two tubes at right angles. This heavy-duty design is used in all scaffolding construction and in guardrails construction.
  • Forged Swivel Coupler: connects scaffolding tubes at any angle and is most often used where diagonal bracing is required .It’s also used in lighting rigs and guard rails as well.
  • The company also produces pressed Swivel and Fixed Couplers. Important quality feature include rust resistance, robust in construction, optimum strength and highly precise dimensions.
  • Swivel Beam Clamp and the fixed beam clamp are also important products from the company. They are made to fit onto scaffold steel tubes to create a variety of angles that may be needed during construction.