Alliance Valves lends our experienced consulting team to your organization in tendering and negotiations with end clients. Our international experience allows us to participate in projects across the Middle-east and South Asia. Our strategic location in the UAE allows us close proximaty to hundreds of new projects opening to tender annually. We have our ear to the ground and keep track of mergers, deals, and expansions in order to anticipate new EPC projects to bid for. Our local experience also affords us an extensive network of Oil & Gas Executives that we consider organizations assets and intelligence.

Complete Fabrications

Alliance Valves FZE offers equipment sourcing, infrastructure development, and on-site installation of metal and steel structures.

Pipeline Spoolant & Packages

Alliance Valves FZE delivers fully scalable solutions that comes with decades of project implementation and executive responsibility. We inspect, plan, pitch, and implement solutions that withstand the test of time.

Engineering Solutions

Our engineering consultancy solutions include sourcing of large machinery, piping, valves, technical and complex solutions.

Manpower Solutions

Our managers have the contacts, the contractual experience, and the professional network to source skilled labor, supervisors, and ExecutiveMmanagers from the oil and gas industry. Let our managers mitigate your risk through effective hiring.

Refinery Shutdown Services

Our streamlined process has been refined through years of effective implementation. We perform maintenance, on valves, pipes, pressure systems and all associated hardware/pipelines to ensure safe function and high profits


Over the years, our team has effectively bid on high level projects across the Middle-east and South Asia. We are adept at submitting tenders with what catches the attention of procurement managers.